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een van de eerste kantines van de vereniging.......

Sports Park "Moorland" is since 1965 situated on its present location along the Drieterskuil in Oirschot. The club members build the first stand and the first changing rooms that were used in 1969. In 1972 when the first team of Oirschot Vooruit promoted to the second league the club got a major problem.

Oirschot Vooruit was the only second league club that did not have showers in the changing rooms. This problem was solved and the club kept growing in the years to come. Due to this growing the club was faced with another new problem, shortage of space. New pitches were build and Oirschot Vooruit kept on growing. The club already had about 600 members by now.

In 1980 the number of club members was still growing and the club committee decided to start all over and change the changing rooms and the canteen. In may that year the official opening was held and the club could be proud of their facilities.

The local authorities found it right to give Oirschot Vooruit a new location for their sports park. The current location was, at that time, the only correct location for the local authoroties and the club is happy that it has the opportunity to use the facilities and the location. The club committee launched the idea to privatize the club which was received with open arms by the local authorities. Around the year 2000 the plan has to be carried out but the exact date that it should be finished is not yet know by the club committee. The plan contains the idea that the club will get two more pitches between the current pitches and highway (A58). In return the local authorties receive the use of another pitch that we still use at this moment as a training pitch.

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