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In this period there are some highlights and some lows to mention. The first the of the club degraded out of the fourth league but fought themselves back into the fourth league the next year.

The year 1997 is not only a milestone for the club because of its 60 years existance. In the same year Oirschot Vooruit and its members completed the grandstand with 414 seats and new changing rooms. How many club members have helped with this major building site is not exactly known, but all those who have helped realizing this accomodation THANKS !!

Looking back on 60 years Oirschot Vooruit we can see that the club kept on growing ever since it was founded in 1937. This growth hasn't stopped and won't stop for the next few years we hope.

At this moment in time we have 15 senior soccer teams, 1 women soccer team, 1 veterans team and 21 youth teams. Next to this we have a lot of members who still support the club every way they can but are no longer active players.