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The first years of this period the soccer matches of Oirschot Vooruit were still played at the Eindhovensedijk, the Lijssel brothers took care of the pitch at that time.
In 1960 Oirschot Vooruit moved again to the industrial area where it became the owner of two pitches. With the still growing number of club members this was no luxury. The local authorities didn't find it necessary to help the club looking for a new better suited location for the new sports park. The Oirschot Vooruit club members made no attempt to hide their displeasure. They joint forces and made a demonstrative march to the townhall. Supported by banners they talked to the local authorities. After a lot of thought the people at the townhall agreed and Oirschot Vooruit was given the use of two soccer pitches, an accomodation with showers and a training field. On top of that Oirschot Vooruit got a little canteen where people could buy some stuff to drink or eat.

In 1960 the first youth committee was founded. Chairman of this committee was mister H. Vincent. By then the first youth tournament was played that we, by this day still know as, The Silver Chair Tournament.

In 1965 Oirschot Vooruit moved for the second time in this period. This time the club moved to Sports Park "Moorland" which still is teh best place to be. On Sports Park "Moorland" the club becomes what it still is today. The club members build the clubs first grandstand and changing rooms which are being used since 1966.