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In 1947 SOA got its first youth teams. Even by then it was obvious that he who owned the youth had a future.

In the same period the financial state of the club wasn't that good. At a members meeting the question raised if it was possible to buy new shirts because the old ones were worn-out. The chairman replied that the bottom of the treasure-chest was visible.

All club members had to work together to make SOA a flourishing and growing club. Friendly matches were also played to fill the club funds.

In the early 50's all the matches were played on the Kempenweg / Rijkesluisstraat. Around 1955 SOA moved to the Eindhovensedijk. The 'changing rooms' were at a local bar called café van Lijssel, where the players could washup from a bowl. The Dutch soccer association demanded that on a short notice the club would take care of its own changing rooms instead of using the local bar.

A soccer player in that time was more than just a soccer player alone. He had to take care of the accomodation. He also had to put the lines on the pitch before the match was played, put the nets in the goal and remove them after the match.

Looking back on this period you might say that the club owed its existance to the club members with a real green-white heart inside. A lot of old club members who are still alive still keep in touch with the club every now and then to see if everythings alright with their club.