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On 27 juni 1937 SOA (Samenspel Overwint Alles) was founded. The name SOA changed around 1945-1950 in Oirschot Vooruit. The founders, of the by then club of 21 members, were chairman A. van Rooij, secretary Fr. Laenen en treasurer C. Meurs. The spiritual advisor of that time was chaplain Janssens.

In the beginning the matches were played on the pitch situated along the Wintelresedijk and on the pitch in the Theetuin. The first season SOA played in the third league Kring Tilburg. In the season 1943-1944 SOA was blessed with 110 members. In those days the players of SOA went to away matches with a cart and a wagon.

After a successful season the socer competition was stopped by the second world war and the evacuation of many people. In the months during the winter SOA trained in the store of mister Kuypers (once every two weeks). The trainer and the spiritual advisor already stressed the importance of a regular training schedule. "Training is an essential part of soccer, we have to train to get a flourishing club.