This time in "An encounter with..." a portrait of one of our midfielders, Daniëlle Smetsers. She will be the second one to be published in this section of our homepage. Daniëlle the floor is yours.......
Hello everybody,

I'm Daniëlle Smetsers, the pawn of Oirschot Vooruit. Most of the time I'm placed on the right or left side of the midfield but other places on the pitch are not unfamiliar to me as well.
I started playing soccer when I was ten years old at the soccer club Beerse Boys. I played soccer at this club until I was eighteen. After this I transfered to Oirschot Vooruit. I didn't have a good start there when I played my first match against my old team, Beerse Boys. I sprained my ankle and was injured for the next games. Of course my old team mates said that that was my own fault. I shouldn't have transfered to Oirschot.
But this setback can not stop me. Nowadays I steel the show and work hard on midfield. There are even times when I can score once or twice. Unfortunately I missed the important game against Sparta'25. But I'll be better soon and then I will do my part to get the championship this year.

Daniëlle Smetsers