The first time in "An encounter with" an encounter with the coach of the team and creator of this site, Arjan Abbink. He will be the first in this series of articles. In the future we will try to let every member of the team have a go in this series. But first the coach.......
Hello everybody,

My name is Arjan Abbink, I am 32 years old and the coach of this Oirschot Vooruit ladies soccer team since 1997. Soccer has always been an important part of my life. I have been playing in the 3rd class of the Royal Netherlands Soccer League with S.V. Marum
Me coaching career at Oirschot Vooruit started as a spectator. Fanatical as I was I was shouting to the ladies even when I wasn't the coach. When the coach of the team stopped coaching at the end of the season a replacement was not so difficult to find and the captain of the team asked me to become the new coach. Considering it a challenge, my appointment was a fact and I started a new job at Oirschot Vooruit as a coach.
The same year the second ladies soccer team stopped existing and the ladies who wanted to continue were put together with the ladies of the first team. Being a challenge of its own we all worked hard to make something out of it and created a solid and good team. Even the playing qualities have gone up. That the soccer playing qualities went up is also because of the trainer Maikel Croes who, together with me, has put a lot of effort and time into these ladies to make them better then tey were. The fanatism that we two have put into the ladies has payed off, we think. What started as a coincidence has become something I , and I hope the ladies also, enjoy doing a lot. Every sunday it's an early get up but when I'm on the field again everything comes natural.
In my private life I live together with my future wife Kobie. We are living now in an appartment in Eindhoven but we bought a new house near our work lately. We both work on the airbase Eindhoven were my transport unit is stationned with cargo-planes like the Fokker 60 Utility and the Fokker 50 (VIP) which I'm flying. Yes, in my profesional life I'm a Air Force transport pilot. We fly around Europe in our Fokkers of which you can see some pictures below.
The Fokker-60 Utility...
..the Fokker-50 VIP...
....and this is my office.
The cooperation with the ladies and the committee of Oirschot Vooruit have been very good until now. In fact they have become even better during the period I'm coaching the ladies. We are spending a lot of prime time together on the soccerfield and ' hope we can continue this for some time.
Last but not least I would like to thank the committee of Oirschot Vooruit for the support they have given us during the last two seasons. The fact that the ladies became part of the top of the club has been a big step but an appriciated one, THANKS !

Greetings Arjan Abbink