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For the youth teams in The Netherlands the following age groups apply.

Team Age group
F-junioren 6 en 7 jaar
E-junioren 8 en 9 jaar
D-junioren 10 en 11 jaar
C-junioren 12 en 13 jaar
B-junioren 14 en 15 jaar
A-junioren 16 en 17 jaar

When you apply for membership at Oirschot Vooruit you will have to be at least 6 years old. You will start playing soccer in the F-team which plays on a half field with small goals playing 7 against 7.
For the rest of the club teams the following minimum and maximum ages apply. Remember that in exceptional cases it's possible to let younger players play in a higher team. The club will, to protect both the club and of course the player, deside on this.